What’s Up Wednesday?

-Anyone who knows me, knows I am a punk rock girl through and through! So I couldn’t miss an opportunity like  this to see Ramone’s legend C.J. Ramone playing the Masquerade; from a bloodline of NY cool, this is a show that should  not be missed! -Over at Center Stage, the new wave of neo-punkites […]

What’s Up Tuesday?

-The Queen of Sensuality is back! Tonight and tomorrow see Sade mesmerize her crowds; she’ll be joined by the ever smooth John Legend at Philips Arena. (http://www.sade.com/us/live/) -If you are feeling a little bit more like dancing outside, Rihanna with special guest, J. Cole will be waking up Buckhead at the Chastain Music Park. (http://rihannanow.com/live) […]

CD Review: Sade — Soldier of Love

Sade Soldier of Love Sony Music By Eric Chavez Good music is like good sex, when it’s good, it lasts, and when it’s bad, you want it over, yesterday. On that thought, Sade’s new album Soldier of Love delivers the best lovemaking music since, well, her last record, Lover’s Rock. It’s been nearly a decade […]