What’s Up Wednesday?

-Anyone who knows me, knows I am a punk rock girl through and through! So I couldn’t miss an opportunity like  this to see Ramone’s legend C.J. Ramone playing the Masquerade; from a bloodline of NY cool, this is a show that should  not be missed!

-Over at Center Stage, the new wave of neo-punkites will be trying to not rip their skinny jeans while thrashing around to Taking Back Sunday; this is a Coca-so Cola presents show, be careful for a room full of bouncing Tiggers.

-For some southern Americana to go along with your sweet tea vodka, head upstairs to Smith’s Olde Bar, where Band of Horses pals James Justin & Co. will be performing with Gaslight Street.

-Have you heard of the ATL Collective? It’s an awesome concept that encourages collaborations and cross-pollination to create happenings that will inspire and entertain. For each event, they pick a classic album and handpick some of the finest in local (and sometimes national) talent. They divvy up the songs and collectively cover the album in sequence. Tonight at Eddie’s Attic, The Shadowboxers, The Well Reds, A: The Color, Molly Parden, Emily Hearn, and Micah Dalton will be presenting “Beach Po’Boys.” Can’t wait.

-If there are just some days you feel like dressing up like a rabbit, then join your fellow Watership Down brethren at The EARL tonight where NOBUNNY will be performing with Atlanta’s The Coathangers and Fletcher C. Johnson.

-Oh yeah, and if you are up for round two, that Lady of Larynx, Sade, will be belting it out at Philips Arena.


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