Picture Book & Live Review: Sevendust @ The Tabernacle 4/24

Review and photos by Ellen Eldridge Stolen Babies and Lacuna Coil opened for Coal Chamber and Sevendust at one of the most aesthetically pleasing shows to grace Tabernacle Atlanta. The guttural growls and high-pitched squeals reached by cabaret metal singer Dominique Lenore Persi got the early crowd’s blood pumping. Persi commanded attention as soon as […]

What’s Up Wednesday? April 24th

Happy Hump Day Atlanta! Is everyone enjoying this fabulous weather or WHAT?! Tonight is going to be the perfect night to go out with some friends and catch some live music! We have a killer lineup tonight, so you definitely won’t have a difficult time finding a show to go to! Now, it may be […]

5GB Interview: Stolen Babies, Playing @ The Tabernacle 4/24!

By Ellen Eldridge Although they might be a square peg in a round hole, Stolen Babies may just fit somewhere within this heavily hyphenated description: Quirky-Prog Pop-Art Rock-Avant Garde-Cabaret Metal-Horror Punk-tinged with Industrial, Goth and Dark Wave. The band’s mythology began back in 1997 when Dominique Lenore Persi, the Sharones and keyboardist Ben Rico were […]