5GB with Wayne “the Train” Hancock; Playing Vinyl Thursday, Feb. 28

By Jhoni Jackson Wayne “the Train” Hancock is a honky-tonk hero, a bona fide blessing to both country and rockabilly. Since the ‘90s—and that includes his latest LP, Ride—he’s stuck to his signature guns: earnest storytelling, premium pickin’ and, more often than not, a swingin’ tempo. It makes sense that Hancock’s responses to our 5GB […]

What’s Up Monday?

Well I went and saw Dawes last night, and am definitely moving a little slower this morning! Fortunately for you there are many great shows today so I won’t ramble too much 🙂 Happy Monday Everyone! -If you haven’t experienced the awesomeness that is Wayne “The Train” Hancock, then get your booty over to The […]

What’s Up Monday?

Well after a music (midtown) filled weekend, it might feel impossible to actually muster up the energy to go out again tonight, but considering this is my last official week in Atlanta, this week’s events seem a little bit more special. Here are some fun things to do tonight. -Nothing beats a hangover cure than […]

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