Tedeschi Trucks Band at The Fox Theatre 07/14/18

If you had asked me even just a couple years ago if I would be freaking out to go see a blues rock band I probably would have rolled my eyes and said “Yeah right.” Yet here we are in 2018 with me getting extremely excited upon finding out I’d be able to go see the sold-out Tedeschi Trucks Band performance at The Fox Theatre. They aren’t a group that I keep on repeat, but whenever I get a chance to listen I’m always impressed by the supreme musicianship and their ability to transport listeners to a world that is somehow both grounded in truth and lost in southern magic. This is the experience that 4,000+ ecstatic fans got this past Saturday evening. Every song was rooted in vivid experience, experiences that are communicated in the expertly crafted lyrics and delivery by front-woman Susan Tedeschi. Every solo by Derek Trucks was wild but mature, methodically intelligent yet somehow reckless and fun. Every member’s performance stood out when it was there time to shine, whether it be Trucks, Tedeschi or one of the supporting band members on a multitude of instruments including saxophone, trombone, dueling drum kits and keys. The most memorable song for me was “Midnight in Harlem.” This hit from their 2011 album Revelator is as timeless as it is current. Behind the band a crescent moon rose up and moved across the backdrop creating a night sky that elevated the performance to living art.

All in all, not a bad way to spend a Saturday night! This performance was most likely especially meaningful to members of the band that actually live in Atlanta: Kofi Burbridge (Keyboards/flute), Tyler “Falcon” Greenwell (Drums), Mike Mattison (Vocals) and Kebbi Williams (Saxophone) – Kebbi also runs the local charity/annual event, “Music in the Park.”

If you’re kicking yourself for missing this one and are up for a bit of travel make sure to check out the remainder of their tour dates HERE. Otherwise you’ll need to wait until they return to Georgia for another packed-out show.

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Words by Jason Murray

Photo by Stuart Levine


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