Summer Interns Becca & Erika Share Their Experience: The Best Internship in Atlanta

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Ticket Alternative wants you as the next intern!

Becca Kanaverskis

If you love music as much as I do than you will be freaking out after you finish reading this. First off, Ticket Alternative treats interns like real employees.  My first day was not what I expected at all. I was trained in the office and then before I knew it I was already working at the Gumball 3000 international car show event. I was nervous at first, but everyone is willing to help you out. They not only included me in the marketing meetings, but I was assigned a blog post on Atlanta Music Guide right from the start! Interns have the chance to write concert reviews or photograph shows, how cool is that? As you can tell so far, this is not your typical coffee run internship. I scanned tickets at Decatur Beach Party,marketed for Freshtix at Soccerfest, and photographed Drivin’ N’ Cryin’ at Smith’s Olde Bar. I also had the chance to sit in our interviews with bands, which helped me discover new bands.

Ticket Alternative really is the best company I have ever worked for. I have gained more real life experience in this one summer than all 3 years of college. My average day starts with scheduling out tweets on Hootsuite across their six Twitter accounts (with AMG having over 33k followers) and writing blog posts about bands  and upcoming shows on WordPress. I loved how they gave me freedom when writing blog posts. For example, I go to school at the University of Georgia and wanted to write a blog post about Athfest. They loved the idea and sent me off to do exactly what I wanted!

Ticket Alternative has outings all the time to bring the employees together outside of work, which I loved.  A couple of the outings I went to were the private viewing of Capital Cities and Weezer at the Braves game! In general, the employees made the day go by so fast with their goofy and positive energy around the office. At our Tuesday morning meetings I got to know everyone, whether it was from playing Mad Gab games or contests.

One of my favorite moments at TA was one day we were all just watching Who Wants to Be a Millionaire during our lunch break and we ended up laughing so hard at all the commercials….especially the hair loss one. Small moments like this made me realize that in the future when I start applying for jobs, it is not all about your college major or how big the company is, but how happy you are when you come home from work. Every day was different and that is my main priority that I am looking for in my future job.

I feel so lucky to have been offered this position and will never forget Ticket Alternative! This internship not only made me grow as person, but as a writer, marketer, and concert goer. I learned how to become more creative because creativity is key when promoting shows and grabbing readers attention on a blog post. Overall, Ticket Alternative treats their interns the best by providing a paid internship, free parking (which employees were jealous of), free lunch Fridays, membership to Grammy U, AND discounted tickets. They are even letting me photograph shows in Athens after my internship is over! I highly recommend to any college student to apply!

Erika Childers 

From the day I started at Ticket Alternative I felt like I was doing something worthwhile. After becoming a bit jaded from some previous internships, I was skeptical about the type of work I might be asked to do. I thought for sure I’d be spending my days running errands and/or filing junk mail, but Ticket Alternative gave me responsibilities instead of busy work and allowed me plenty of room to grow as a professional.

Right from the get-go, I felt accepted as one of the team. I was brought in on marketing meetings where I was able to see how my hard work paid off, how it benefited the company, and how I could improve. I was able share my ideas and receive feedback on them from two of the most innovative marketing ladies in the biz. I was given a multitude of opportunities to practice real-world skills and expand my portfolio. I’ve been able to interview some amazing bands, attend awesome concerts and events, and work with some truly talented people. All of this, and I’ve been able to explore my passion for music and marketing and even take on new endeavors like photography and feature-writing.

Ticket Alternative’s many media outlets, blogs, and social media accounts gave me a chance to experiment and helped me to learn how to adapt my voice and focus in a variety of applications. I always felt like I could express my opinions and thoughts and propose ideas without hesitation or fear of being shut-down. I always felt appreciated and that, as many of you may know, is a rarity in the intern world.

The office culture at TA is also incredibly warm and welcoming. There’s always fun to be had whether it be silly-dancing to oldies, coloring book contests, or watching some cheesy old show on the couch during lunch. There’s an unwavering sense of community that just can’t be beat. Not to mention the many outings that happen outside the office just for employees! This company sets the bar pretty darn high for my future internships and jobs.

TA doesn’t just groom great future employees through the internship program. They foster creativity and ingenuity, two prized attributes that will set me apart from many of my peers in the future. I absolutely would recommend this internship to any college student looking to gain valuable marketing skills in a fun, fast-paced environment.

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