What’s Up Tuesday?

Well, my alarm never went off this morning, which meant that I jumped out of bed frazzled, quickly combed the cowlick out of my hair, and am now sitting at the computer realizing I didn’t put any deodorant on….So now I am the stinky kid. Geesh. I’m going to have to do something fun tonight….Here are my Tuesday night suggestions:

-San Francisco rapper, Aesop Rock, is a veteran of the Mush and Def Jux alt hip-hop dynasties, and is at The Loft tonight with Rob Sonic & DJ Big Wiz.

-Singer/somgwriter, Paul Warner is no stranger to our city. He is playing at his second home, Eddie’s Attic tonight with Haley Dreis.

-While you are waiting on Aesop Rock to go on stage, head downstairs to Vinyl to catch Sons of Samson, Bridge to Grace, Roshambeaux, Six to the Wheels.

-There is a free show happening in East Atlanta tonight at the 529 with performances from Ricer, The Joy Kills, Sin Nis, The Deadbites.

-Go and say hello to our friends at the Masquerade, and while you are at it see The Dangerous Summer, The Rouge, From Indian Lakes, Mime Game, Cosmoscope.


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