What’s Up Tuesday?

Oh my friends, I am glad it is a new day. I woke up Monday morning and put black pepper in my coffee instead of cinnamon. Let’s just say, I am REALLY glad it is a brand new day. With new days, come new experiences, new friends, and of course new music! Here are some fun possibilities to make your night a little brigher.

-Tonight at the Tabernacle AWOLNATION will be taking storm.

-For a one of a time experience head out to Gwinnett to the Arena for Kim Bum-Soo w/Orchestra.

THE MILK CARTON KIDS, a harmonizing, minimalist duo, use two guitars and two voices to create a new combination of back-porch Americana and classic folk. See them tonight at Eddie’s Attic.

-Oh the Masquerade, always ones for booking bands that have weird names, Ice Nine Kills, Wolves at the Gate, Assasins, are playing in Purgatory tonight.


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