What’s Up Tuesday?

Gotta love a little Rolling Stones on a Tuesday; it gives one a little hope that pretty soon this week will end, and the inside of your cubicle will become a far away land… OK, back to your regularly scheduled program. I hope this Tuesday is filled with a little less cafeteria food, and a little more tourettes-like spouts of obscenities.

-Janis Joplin might have been praising Bobby, but it is Kevin McGee that will be entertaining the folks over at Eddie’s Attic.

-Nashvillian Shonali Bhowmik will be memorizing her audience with her 100 Oaks Revival at The EARL. Even the queen bee, PJ Harvey, is a fan of this one.

-Why oh why isn’t 529 getting more attention for their kick ass line-ups? They have done it again with their playlist for this eve, including Austin Lucas & the Bold Party, I Want Whiskey, Ben Trickey and Bryan Hensley. 

-Dirty, Dirty, Dirty South Trivia all over the city, so go ahead and test out the knowledge you know you won’t fail at!


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