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What’s Up Tuesday? October 1

GoblinHappy October! Bask in the beautiful fall weather during the day and enjoy some great music tonight!

Goblin with Secret Chiefs 3 @ The Loft

The line up for this tour will include original members since 1975 Claudio Simonetti and Maurizio Guarini (keyboards) and Massimo Morante (guitar). The band is rounded out by drummer Titta Tani and bassist Bruno Previtali that joined in 2010. VIP tickets are $65 and include sound check party, meet and greet, and poster. General admission tickets are $25.
Doors open at 7pm. Online, phone, and outlet sales end at 4pm TODAY.

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Gregory Alan Isakov with Patrick Park @ Eddie’s Attic (2 shows)

Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, and calling Colorado home, Gregory Alan Isakov has been traveling all his life. Songs that hone a masterful quality beyond his years tell a story of miles and landscapes, and the search for a sense of place. His song-craft lends to the deepest lyrical masterpieces, with hints of his influences, Leonard Cohen and Bruce Springsteen. He has been described as “strong, subtle, a lyrical genius,” but the source of his writing often remains a mystery to him. “My songs have nothing to do with me; they have a life of their own. A lot of times I won’t know what a song is about when I’m writing it. It just has a certain feeling about it.” His new album, The Weatherman, was recorded mostly in solitude outside the quiet mountain town of Nederland, Colorado over the course of a year and a half. “I wanted to make something that felt genuine. We recorded everything with analogue gear and mixed it on tape, which gives the songs a raw and vulnerable feeling.”

7pm show: Doors open at 6pm. General Admission tickets are $15 in advance and $20 at the door. Online and phone sales end at 5:00pm TONIGHT!

9:30pm show: Doors open at 9:15 pm. The late show door time is subject to a slight change. Online and phone sales end at 5:00pm TONIGHT!

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Porcelain Raft @ Drunken Unicorn

“Strange Weekend” is Porcelain Raft’s debut record, yet in many ways it’s his 156th. Amazingly, “Strange Weekend” — with deep roots in so many times and places — is an album that beautifully captures the fleeting right now. Remiddi’s interest in movement — about capturing a momentary now en route to the next — is apparent; postcards and polaroids of buildings and faces from the street flicker past. The project’s genesis lies in this visual imagery. Over the past year, Remiddi has compiled a catalogue of images — gathered from the various nooks and crannies of the internet — that have served as notes, inspiration, context and a map for Porcelain Raft’s music. And here, the myriad travels crystallize into something visceral; you may not be able to see the visuals Remiddi holds so dear, but you can feel them throughout Strange Weekend, and they stay with you as you travel on. “Strange Weekend” might have been made in a small place (a Brooklyn basement, in fact), but it is huge dream-pop, with melodies and synths billowing out in all directions. Tickets are $10. Doors open at 8:30 pm. Online and phone sales end at 4pm today!

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Little Green Cars with Party Dolls @ Vinyl

Their album, Absolute Zero is 48 minutes, crafted in unabashed earnestness with the aid of seasoned epic-producer Markus Dravs (Mumford and Sons’ Sigh No More and Babel, Arcade Fire’sNeon Bible and The Suburbs, Coldplay’s Mylo Xyloto), act as a soul-bearing report, as guileless as the young quintet themselves, on the act of simply growing up: a process that requires, at once, so little and so much effort it could explode you from the inside at any moment. Fresh off a whirlwind month of touring that included several CMJ showcases – ones that caught the attention of outlets like NPR and the New York Times – the band will be spending the next few months leading up to Absolute Zero’s release preparing themselves for whatever comes next. Because once it drops, all they’ll be able to do is to keep their hands outstretched and wait patiently for listeners to reach back. Tickets are $10 in advance. Online and phone sales end at 4pm today! Doors open at 7pm and the show starts at 8pm.

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Body/Head with Outer Gods and Tom Carter of Charalambides @ The Earl

Body/Head are an electric guitar duo comprised of Kim Gordon (CKM, Sonic Youth, Free Kitten, etc.) and Bill Nace (X.O.4, Vampire Belt, Ceylon Mange, etc.) They began working together in various loose formats a few years ago, but the Body/Head concept evolved more specifically in early 2012. Initially their approach was largely instrumental—lattices of interwoven feedback rainbows, with bits recalling everyone from Heldon to Keiji Haino. They often performed against a backdrop of slow-motion film projection, creating a dream narrative of undeniable power and visionary reach. Kim’s voice began creeping more into the mix, and the vocals are now an intrinsic part of their musical architecture. They have even started writing and playing “songs”, compositionally distinct from their purely aleatory origins, but still featuring lots of built-in improvisational space. Body/Head have recorded a single for Dennis Tyfuss’ Ultra Eczema Editions, a tour EP for Nace’s own Open Mouth Productions, and released a collaboration with Dead C’s Michael Morley through Feeding Tube Records. Their debut LP, Coming Apart, will be released by Matador Records on September 10. Doors open at 8:30pm. Tickets are $15. Online, phone, and outlet sales end at 6pm tonight!

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Jack Daniel’s Honey Concert Series @ Smith’s Olde Bar
The lineup tonight is: Crashing Midnite (8pm), Herman Astro (9pm), and The Motions (10pm)

DIP, Cottonmouth, Ginko, Rattlersnake @ 529

DIP is about as wacky as a band can get in Athens, and to even call DIP a “band” would be a severe injustice. With songs like “Addicted to Dip,” “The Big Dipper,” and “Dipthong,” DIP is a hilarious rap and spoken word group whose live shows usually involve members rapping over galloping beats and bantering with the crowd between songs. It all makes for a rowdy experience, which Athenians are adept at having. Athens has its share of silly bands, but DIP never sacrifices a good time for their silliness. Their Friday night Go Bar set will be the best time you’ve ever had shouting “BOOM DIDDY BOOM DIDDY.” 9PM | FREE | 21+


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