What’s Up Wednesday?

Welcome to America, land of the free. Whoever you voted for yesterday, it is a good feeling to know that we live in a country where your voice can be heard. Take yourself out and celebrate tonight. It’s worth it.

-“What about love?!?” Rock’s favorite sisters, Heart, are bringing their heat to the Fox Theatre tonight.

“Earth may be the headliner, but Daughn Gibson is the reason you should head to this show. The Pennsylvania crooner pairs his distinguished baritone voice with and inventive array of samples. His latest album, All Hell (Sub Pop), compiles deep cuts from a wide range of genres incorporating everything from Christian gospel to the experimental hip-hop sounds of label mates Shabazz Palaces. Somehow, he melds them all into haunting electronic country ballads that evoke both modernity and timelessness.” – CL. See them tonight at The Earl.

-Proud to be firmly installed in  new-funk movement, KUNG FU is quickly popularizing their unique sonic contribution, blurring the line between intense electro-fusion, and blistering dance arrangements. They are playing the 529 tonight.

-It’s rare you find a married music duo that adheres to none of the married-duo-cliches. CAROLINA STORY writes and performs songs, knowing that there are enough love songs on earth. Catch them at Eddie’s Attic of course.

-With the new release of his 4th independent Record, Richey Lam’s poignant lyrics, melodies, and radio smash hits have the music industry taking notice of his latest Self titled “RL” album and has been gaining buzz and quite the following. Richey is currently on tour sharing the stage with artists such as Stevie Wonder, Sara Bareilles, Zac Brown, etc…while playing colleges across America. See him at Smith’s Olde Bar.

-It’s gonna be a fun one at Terminal West tonight where Walk the Moon and Family of the Year will be rocking out.


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