What’s Up Wednesday? October 23

Mike FarrisThe weekend is almost here so we hope you’re getting excited about Taste of Atlanta! But in the meantime, check out these shows happening tonight!

Mike Farris @ Eddie’s Attic

In music there are those special artists that seem to transcend genre and defy categorization. From time to time one hears a voice that can stop you dead in your tracks and shake your very foundation to the core. Mike Farris is that artist and he has that voice. In 2008 and 2009 Mike Farris and his Roseland Rhythm Revue performed monthly residencies at Nashville’s’ Station Inn and called it “Sunday Night Shout!” The shows had audiences that consisted of people from all walks of life and the goal was to make the crowd feel “excited, delighted and loved.” The official live recording of the Station Inn shows, Shout! Live, was released in 2009 and won the Gospel Music Association’s Dove Award for “Best Traditional Gospel Album of the Year” in 2010. With recording near completion on his next studio release Mike Farris continues to amaze audiences whenever he plays solo or with any one of his different configurations from the stripped down Cumberland Saints to the full 9 piece Roseland Rhythm Revue. His voice connects and mesmerizes in such a way that it doesn’t matter if the songs are his own compositions or ones sung 200 years ago. As Mike puts it “this music – it’s so beyond us, we only perpetuate it. We are just cooks in the kitchen.” If so Mike Farris is one “cook” with an immediate voice. Mike’s new album which has been totally funded by Kickstarter campaigns will be released in 2013. Doors open at 6:30pm. Tickets are $15 in advance. Online and phone sales end at 5pm today!

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Saint Vitus with Zoroaster @ The Earl

Saint Vitus are a highly influential American doom metal band from Los Angeles. They have been regarded as one of the first bands of the genre, starting out as early as the late 1970s, along with Pentagram and Trouble. For most of their career, the band comprised vocalist Scott Weinrich, bassist Mark Adams, guitarist Dave Chandler and drummer Armando Acosta. After breaking up in 1996, Saint Vitus briefly reunited for a tour in 2003, and are back together again as of 2008. The band headlined the April 24 date at the 2009 Roadburn Festival. Sadly Armando Acosta passed away from ongoing health issues in 2009 and Saint Vitus moved forward with heavy hitter Henry Vasquez joining the band as drummer for a headlining main stage performance at Hellfest in France and has sat behind the drum kit ever since. As of this moment the band plans to record new Saint Vitus material. Doors open at 8pm. Tickets are $16 in advance. Online and phone sales end at 6pm today!

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Crystal Antlers @ The Drunken Unicorn

We got to interview Andrew from Crystal Antlers. Read our interview to learn how Crystal Antlers connects with a crowd, what Andrew’s favorite part about being on tour is, and find out what city he would love to live in if he could. Check it out here! Doors open at 9pm. Tickets are $8 in advance. Online and phone sales end at 4pm today!

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Resinated with Five40, Mario Diaz and Natty Roots @ Smith’s Olde Bar

This three piece consists of Kenny Mullins, Justin Runfola, and Josh Hasak. Resinated released their 2nd album “Hand’s off” in December 2012 out of Sound Lounge Studio’s with Producer Greg Shields and Mike Stebe. Resinated’s first album, “Be yourself,” was released in June 2012 at Audio Impact of Clearwater, Florida with Engineer Andy Wombach. Resinated has made a name for themselves in the St Pete/Orlando/Southern Florida areas. Consistently booked in different areas each night, this band pushes for a high energy performance and grabs attention across the room with the smooth musicianship and talent that they bring to the table. Sharing stages with many bands including Ballyhoo!, Iration, The movement, Passafire, Maxi Priests, and many other southern CA and East coast reggae/rock groups! Resinated’s Kenny Mullins books and coordinates all of their events. They provide full promo with each and every show. The bass player, Justin Runfola, creates an image for the band that keeps people wondering always what they are up to. It wont be long before these gentlemen are headed right under the noses of many Semi-National bands working just as hard as all of there brother bands who have inspired them! Tickets are $10 in advance. Online and phone sales end at 2pm today!

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Mountain Sounds with Radio Birds, Valise, and Cardinal Sons @ Vinyl

Recorded in an out-of-use orphanage in the mountains of Guatemala, Mountain Sounds is an entirely self-produced, indie-in-the-truest-sense-of-the-word recording project comprised of two friends coming together from separate parts of the world to realize a shared vision of rock and roll music. Six years removed from their last collaborative recording project, Portland, Oregon’s Tim Hoyt and Guatemala’s own Franc Castillejos came together to make something vital and new in the only place they could: a vacant orphanage in the mountains of Central America. Former band mates separated for years by arbitrary ideas like nationalities, immigration laws, and time zones (not to mention several thousand very real miles,) Hoyt and Castillejos found themselves discouraged and sputtering after years apart; drifting ever farther from the life they loved, ever closer to a life neither of them wanted. On the verge of acquiescence, they chose instead something altogether different: a last-ditch attempt to be who they used to be. Doors open at 7pm. Tickets are $10. Online and phone sales end at 4pm today!

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Deltron 3030 @ The Masquerade (Heaven)

Deltron 3030 is composed of a trinity of alt-rap all- stars: Master lyricist Del Tha Funkee Homosapien, virtuoso DJ Kid Koala and super-producer Dan “The Automator” Nakamura. Individually, they stand at the top of their respective musical disciplines; together, on the eponymous Deltron 3030, they warped space, bent time, transcended genre and blew minds, creating an album that still stands today as one of the most important records in the annals of underground hip-hop. Show starts at 8pm. Tickets are $20 in advance.


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