CD Review: Rose Hill Drive – Moon is the New Earth

[ 1 ] October 23, 2008 |

Moon_is_the_new_earthRose Hill Drive
Moon is the New Earth
Megaforce and SCI Fidelity Records

by Noel Wurst

Rose Hill Drive doesn’t want to be compared to other bands. The bad news is that making these comparisons is a favorite pastime of not just music critics, but anyone describing a new band to someone, and it’s not likely to stop anytime soon. The good news is that Rose Hill Drive’s music hops all over the place, which makes it incredibly difficult to compare them to anyone. The obvious influences are all clearly there, but their new album, Moon is the New Earth, is far more diverse than most traditional “rock” albums being released these days.

RHD won’t deny being influenced by the music of the 60’s and 70’s, but it certainly isn’t done in a carbon copy fashion that makes you wonder why they even made the effort to do something that was already done. There’s more than one track that reminds you of Queens of the Stone Age.  The song “Always Waiting” doesn’t take the easy route by mimicking The (simpleton) White Stripes, but it does remind you a lot of The Raconteurs, which with their far trickier harmonies and musicianship – is a noble move indeed.

There’s enough radio friendly jams on “Moon” to warrant some serious radio airplay, but each track is far more interesting than most of today’s stations’ horrific tracklists. This will either be the blessing that gives them the unique edge over the millions of other bands vying for that same attention, or it will be the curse that dooms them to be too smart and heady for the average listener. While the latter wouldn’t be a huge surprise unfortunately, it would be a shame.

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  1. Chiffonade says:

    We are huge fans of Alternative Rock (Blue October, Green Day, My Chem) and about to relocate to HOTLANTA from the Tampa area. Can anyone point us in the direction of where Alt bands play? Also love RUSH, and older rock bands (that’s my age showing) – would love to know where they play as well.
    Can’t wait to be there!

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