Interview with John of High Strung String Band Playing at Smith’s Olde Bar on Friday, March 15th

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59587_162491137111160_7576206_nBy: Shelby Lum

Some bands will take the easy way out when producing, composing, and creating music.

High Strung String Band has taken specific steps to keep the integrity of folk and bluegrass music in their style, even if it means it is more difficult for them.

In the traditional bluegrass fashion, the band has kept a drummer out of the band, even though it would make creating music more difficult. For High Strung String Band, that didn’t matter–only the music did.

“I think as string band, it is a big decision whether or not to get a drummer,” said John Parmer, guitarist and songwriter. “It is very tempting to have a drummer, but for us it was important to try and play the music we wanted to play.”

Thus a completely all string band was born.

“We call it joyful folk grass,” Palmer said, describing the band’s style.

As is the the case with any band worth its weight, High Strung String Band has taken their passion for the music and bluegrass in particular and pushed that love into their music.

“I think we have to recognize that we love bluegrass and we try to play it as authentically as we can,” he said. “We just try to play the music we love and keep the bluegrass.”

During live performances, High Strung String Band showcases a lot of their original music while also mixing in covers for songs the audience will be able to sing along with.

“We play and try as much of our orignal music as possible and for the other 30 percent of our show we mix it between traditional bluegrass covers and contemporary covers,” Palmer said.

Even though some of their contemporary covers may not be bluegrass songs, the band spins the songs with a unique bluegrass style all their own.

Being from Atlanta, they have played at Smiths Olde Bar several times. Palmer said it is High Strung String Band’s sixth or seventh time playing at the venue.

“Smiths is a very comfortable venue for us,” he said.

For High Strung String Band’s sort of homecoming to Smiths Olde Bar, they will not only be doing a show, but also an album release. The newest album Rise and Shine will drop at the show.

“It’s going to be a unique kind of Atlanta roots show,” Palmer said. “The three bands that we have are all Atlanta locals and we all do a slightly different take on acoustic roots music.”

High Strung String Band is scheduled to play at Smiths Olde Bar on Friday, March 12th. 

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