Interview with Roger Miller of Mission of Burma, Playing @ The Earl Saturday, March 16th

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Mission of BurmaMission of Burma is an American post-punk band formed in Boston, Massachusetts in 1979. The band was formed by Roger Miller (guitar), Clint Conley (bass), Peter Prescott (drums) and Martin Swope (tape manipulator/sound engineer). Miller, Conley and Prescott share singing and songwriting duties. Many bands have cited Burma as an inspiration, including Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Foo Fighters just to name a few. We caught up with singer/guitarist, Roger Miller, to ask a few questions about their pre-show rituals, funny moments and live performances! Here’s what Roger had to say:

What is the strangest thing a fan has done for you? Or at your show?
“Back in 1979 a gent didn’t have money to get into the Thayer St. loft show, so he gave us granola bars instead. The barter system was alive and well in the late punk-era. Recently a [rather drunk] fan offered to give me a bottle of ‘shit smell’, so that I could put the concoction on the chair of someone I didn’t like. The smell would attach itself to their clothes. I declined his offer.”

What is the funniest moment you have had as an artist/band so far?
“In France, recently, we were chased by a dwarf in a Santa Claus suit and a 7-foot tall transvestite on stilts.”

Do you have any pre-show rituals?
“We always write out our setlist an hour before we hit the stage. I have been known to drink an IPA before we play…”

If you could describe your music in one word, what would it be?

How do you connect with a crowd?
“Try to give it up as completely as possible. When we really do that, really let go, the audience responds accordingly. The madness slips into a feedback loop. Our last NYC show had that in spades…”

How did you come up with your band name?
“Clint was in New York City and saw the name on a building. Previously he’d toyed with the name The Burma-Tones, but clearly that didn’t have the correct ring to it. Once he saw Mission of Burma, he knew that was it. It took a bit to convince me and Pete. We’re the slow ones in the group.”

What is the best way to write music?
“There is no best way.”

Make sure to check out Mission of Burma at The Earl this Saturday, March 16th!

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