Live Review and Picture Book: Sleigh Bells @ Center Stage July 16

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Photos Courtesy of Hillery Terenzi, Review by Codi Glancy

Unlike most “kids” my age, I was never a huge fan of Sleigh Bells. Their music is great and I enjoy the songs, it’s just not my exact cup of tea. With that being said, I hadn’t seen them live until this past Monday.

Sold out Center Stage was screaming as the dynamic duo took the stage. The excitement of crowd only rivaled to a Bassnectar show. Glow sticks were flying and people were dancing. The majority of the seats were empty because everyone was cramped together on the floor trying to get as close as they could to the stage.

The completely blacked out stage instantly lit up as the band opened the show with “Demons.” While Sleigh Bells’ trademark noise-pop sound is pretty complex, their setup only consisted of Large Marshall stacks, the two guitar players, and lead singer, Alexis Krauss. Lights and smoke filled the stage as Krauss welcomed the crowd and began what became one of the most energetic show I’ve ever seen. The simple set up of the stage allowed for intense lights and movement to emphasize the band’s songs. Guitar players, Derek E. Miller and Jason Boyer, couldn’t stay in one spot as they jumped around and interacted with each other. By the time “Comeback Kid” was played in the set, Krauss had owned her surroundings. She constantly danced and enticed the crowd to do the same. Every few songs, she would jump down into the photo pit to be closer to the crowd and let them scream into the microphone along with her. By the end of the set, there was no sign of exhaustion from the band as they played favorites “Infinity Guitars” and “Rill Rill.” The stage once again went black for a moment before the committed aficionados began to chant for more. The band came back out to perform their encore, playing “Never Say Die,” “Riot Rhythm,” and “A/B Machines.”

As Sleigh Bells said their final good night, I was completely astonished. I entered expecting a great show, but was incredibly surprised by the production, dedication, passion, and gratitude the band displayed during their set. Now that I’ve seen the band live, I’ve been converted into a fan.

Set List:
1. Demons
2. Crown On the Ground
3. True Shred Guitar
4. Kids
5. End of the Line
6. Born to Lose
7. Comeback Kid
8. Straight A’s
9. Leader of the Pack
10. Tell ‘Em
11. Treats
12. Infinity Guitars
13. Rill Rill
14. Never Say Die
15. Riot Rhythm
16. A/B Machines

Full Gallery After The Jump with pictures in order of Class Actress, Sleigh Bells, and Gel…

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