Love Benefits All – A Benefit For Elise Tedeschi

[ 1 ] June 14, 2012 |

In January of this year, our beloved friend Elise Roth Tedeschi was given a sobering diagnosis of stage 3 pancreatic cancer after months of severe back pain. She and her husband Patrick have two boys, Jake, age 8 and Ryan, age 6 and an extended loving family. The protocol decided upon was 12 rounds of the most potent chemo available to be followed by radiation then most likely, surgery. This benefit will be the 1st Friday after her 12th chemo treatment and just prior to her return to her specialists in Florida for monitoring, radiation and possible surgery. This event is about meeting some very practical needs due to the scope of her care. The co-pays required will continue for a long while. The co-pays bills monthly exceed comprehension, not to mention the costs of travel to specialists, plant based supplements, etc. At this point, several physicians, and three hospitals have been involved in her care. All decisions surrounding her current care are on a week to week basis.

It is our hopes by creating this benefit, that the financial pressures of her recovery will no longer be an issue. Elise has been brave beyond our wildest dreams and being a part of her healing journey has impacted thousands directly and indirectly. We are so very blessed to come up with something that can show how much people care. Love is an act. We hope you choose to act, by attending the event, collecting or donating for our silent auction or directly donating funds on our site 

In advance, we thank you so very much for being a part of supporting this amazing family during a very intense time. Gratitude is the gift Elise has used for strength and remaining so very determined to beat cancer during this entire experience. She and Pat are touched beyond words by the generous, thoughtful and loving outpouring of friends, family and strangers. We stand with Elise and Pat for a miracle regarding her healing and look forward to the day she is all clear and moving forward with her life.

We hope to report a miraculous result of this effort to show support. Come be a part of helping Elise feel the love!!! Love benefits all!

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  1. Marika Dippold says:

    Dear Elilse, we are so proud of you how you are dealing with this terrible disease.
    Our thoughts and prayers are still with you!
    Love marika and Paul

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