Picture Book and Live Review: Ezra Furman @ The Earl, 8/22

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 Review and Photos by Codi Glancy

There’s nothing like an amazing live show to spark a fire in life. The Earl last Wednesday wasn’t its usual packed house. There’s tons of possible reasons why that happened, but a crowd of around 30-40 people stood no less than an arm’s length away from the stage, with arms crossed. Thankfully, by the time Ezra Furman performed, the Earl became what it always is; a fun, energetic and memorable time!

Ezra Furman took the stage. Once followed by his band, “the Harpoons,” he had a new line up that stood at their dedicated instruments. An unpolished Furman greeted the crowd before the set began. He seemed highly intoxicated and a little depressed (like musicians sometimes seem). When the music started, any awkwardness left the room. The band was full of energy and passion. I had never seen Furman with his harpoons, but I couldn’t tell any difference from the album recordings and how they played.

As fan favorite, “American Soil” was played; the crowd instantly seemed to wake up. They danced around the room and shouted lyrics along with the group. Between songs, Furman introduced his new band, with a little bit of sadness but thanked the crowd for coming and supporting his dream. Following that humble moment was an astonishing cover of “Please, Mr. Postman.”  As he belted out the Beatles hit song, a thrived crowd broke out into a dancing frenzy. Furman’s voice and the music he writes is reminiscent classics like Bob Dylan and the Violent Femmes. He brings the sound that rock and roll began with back to life, along with a one of a kind flare that is hard to describe.

The rest of the set included songs like “Queen of Hearts,” “Take Off Your Sunglasses,” “The Worm in the Apple,” “We Should Fight” and a cover from the Velvet Underground.  I left amazed and with a smile from ear to ear. Very few live shows completely catch me off guard, but there are still treasures that come along once in a while. Lately, I’ve been seeing bands that pack out venues. Fans are singing along and loving every moment, but I just bob my head and leave happy, but sometimes slightly underwhelmed.  Ezra Furman and his band left me astonished and amazed. While rock and roll seems like it may be on its last leg, it’s still alive and kickin’ ass.

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