Picture Book & Live Review: Anberlin @ The Loft July 12th

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Photos and review by Jenna Hughes

Alternative rockers Anberlin played The Loft in Atlanta on July 12th as part of their Acoustic Summer Tour. The band out of Orlando, Florida, treated fans to a rare, stripped down acoustic performance in support of their latest album, 2012’s Vital.

The mood was set with low lighting provided by halogen bulbs that were strategically positioned on the stage. The lights pulsed to the beat as the band launched into “Take Me (As You Found Me)” from their 2010 album Dark Is the Way, Light Is a Place and continued with fan favorite “Inevitable” from 2007’s critically acclaimed Cities.

Some of the songs selected were already well suited to be played acoustically, such as “Innocent” or “The Unwinding Cable Car,” but the band’s heavier songs like “Feel Good Drag” and “Dismantle. Repair.” took on a whole new life with stark guitars and keys and Stephen Christian’s flawless vocals shining through. “Someone Anyone” was a great new song from Vital and “Alexithymia” was a crowd pleaser.

“Paperthin Hymn” was the highlight of the night and also closed out the set. The song started off slow and steady, building tension that exploded into a stunning climax of Christian belting out the chorus: “I thought you said forever over and over” while fans screamed right along with him.

Full Set List:

Take Me (As You Found Me)
Type Three
(The Symphony of) Blasé
Someone Anyone
Feel Good Drag
The Unwinding Cable Car
Dismantle. Repair.
Paperthin Hymn

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