Live Review/Picture Book: DRINKSHOP Live with Last Chance Runaround, Little Tybee @ W Downtown Atlanta, December 10

By Jhoni Jackson; photos by Kevin Griggs The dimly lit lounge-style bar tucked away inside the downtown W Hotel typically draws a fast-paced crowd of Atlanta’s upper social crust, with its sleek décor and limos frequently circling the entrance. So when Last Chance Runaround began their acoustic folk set, complete with a harp and a […]

Free CD Sampler from RED at Criminal Records – featuring Phoenix, The Whigs, Passion Pit and More!

We don't tend to feature every little freebie that labels and the like give out, because usually they're not much to get excited about. But we couldn't stay quiet about this one, by RED publicity company. Not only does it feature a ton of fab music from our favorite bands of this year, but many […]

Q&A with Nick Nespajeen of Yacht Rock — Playing a Holiday Special at Variety Playhouse, December 18

By Leila Regan-Porter, Chris Blais It's the time of year for holiday specials, and the local music scene is getting in the spirit too. That includes Atlanta's famous (infamous?) Yacht Rock, of the PleaseRock group. We chat to "Nick Nespajeen," the leader of the band (bottom center in the holiday-style pic above, holding a sea […]

Video of the Day: The Dead Trees — Loretta; Playing The EARL with The Cribs and Adam Green, January 20

Could definitely also be titled, "Green Screens Are Fun!" On "Loretta," The Dead Trees play a fun 'n' fuzzy rendition of garage rock, the likes of which echo much of the dirtier sounds on The Beatles' White Album, with the thrashing repetition of the last chords carrying on rock 'n' roll where "Helter Skelter" left […]

Live Review/Picture Book: The Electric Cycles. Lindsay Appel, The Electric Cycles @ Highland Ballroom, December 4

By Kevin Griggs Local singer and song writer Lindsay Appel played a quaint short set at The Highland Ballroom last Friday. Her blues/rock style is based around a piano or guitar and fits great with the relaxed lounge atmosphere of the venue. For about a year now she has been carrying Mario (drummer from Tiger!Tiger!) […]

CD Review: Person L — The Positives; Playing Drunken Unicorn December 8

Person LThe PositivesAcademy Fight Song By Al Kaufman Kenneth Vasoli left the heavily influential The Starting Line because he found their pop-punk sound to be too limiting. With Person L, he clearly does not have that problem. There is still some of that pop-punk sound on The Positives, most notably on "Untitled," but mostly this […]

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