5GB interview: The Shadowboxers, playing Terminal West Jan. 9



The Shadowboxers band is based in Atlanta, where founding members Scott Schwartz, Matt Lipkins and Adam Hoffman experienced an almost-instantaneous musical compatibility when they first started jamming. Together with drummer Cole McSween and bassist Carlos Enamorado, they’ve forged a cohesive sound based on a shared reverence for the strong, taut harmonies of Simon & Garfunkel, D’Angelo and The Beatles.

This young band’s unified sound has an R&B-soaked, smart perspective replete with an abundance of vocal talent and songwriting skill. In the short time the quintet has been playing together, The Shadowboxers have found a collective voice that is intelligent, soulful and catchy.
Atlanta Music Guide sent the band a few questions to catch up before the sold-out show Saturday, Jan. 9 at Terminal West.


What do you all love most about creating music?
We all love playing live. There’s not a time or place where we’re all more locked or more confident about what we’re creating than when we’re on stage. But I think the part we like most about creating music is actually creating it. It’s often maddening extracting a song from the brain, giving it life and meaning, molding it, remolding it, and finally happy with revision “z” but the end result, and therefore the whole process, is beautiful. You make something of nothing and hope it resonates. That’s a cool thing we’re entrusted to do.


What’s your favorite venue in Atlanta (either to play or hear a live show)?
Terminal West, hands down. For our band, it really feels like a home court venue for us. Back in 2013, we had our first album release show there and it was the last place we played in Atlanta before making the move to Nashville. And Terminal West was the first “big” venue that we’d ever played in Atlanta completely on our own. From that stage, looking out on the crowd, the gravity of 7 years of hard work, playing ever bar and open mic inside the perimeter really hit us. I guess, in a way, I feel like we really earned that stage. Plus, it’s got the best sound, best lights, best staff and best on-site food (important) anywhere in town.


What are you all most proud of in your career or on your most recent project?
I’m most proud of our band’s work ethic. Whether we’re learning new songs, preparing our live show, or writing and arranging, we really take the time to focus on every little detail. And as the stakes get higher for us, I’m confident moving forward that we’ll be prepared.

What is the best piece of advice the band has received on a tour?

Always, always bring extra underwear to a show.

How would you describe your music in one word?
Matt: Harmonious
Scott: Soulful
Adam: Joyful


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