5GB With Death On Two Wheels; Playing With Sleeper Agent @ The Basement At Graveyard Tavern, May 17th

If you are even slightly into the Atlanta music scene, then you know that Trae Vedder from Death on Two Wheels is one of the hardest working musicians in our pretty little city. Trae and band are playing with indie darlings, Sleeper Agent tomorrow at The Basement at Graveyard Tavern, and he joined us for our 5GB series before the show tomorrow.

What’s the first gig you ever attended?

First concert: (big show)

Hank Williams, Jr. Bocephus himself. When I was 5 years old at the Macon Coliseum. Our baby blue Ford Escort station wagon broke down on the way. The tickets were so expensive ad we couldn’t miss the show. So rather than a wrecker, my Pops called a taxi and to the show we went. I remember that he played “Tear In My Beer” with a giant screen (or is it called a hologram today?) of Hank Williams, Sr. playing the song behind him in unison. It was pretty incredible.

First gig: (real show/gig)

Skatastrophe, Ten Toes Up, and Blue Druids at the Barnesville Train Depot. I was like 12 or so. My folks dropped me off. I wasn’t as cool as all the punk rockers then and I’m still not today. But I love punk rock shows. Concrete rooms filled with the sounds of Peavey. I wish every show was a punk rock show.

What is the best gig that you ever played/performed?

My first and only other band ever was called Goliath Johnson, or GoJo for short. We rented out the American Legion Hall in my hometown, Forsyth, GA, and played our first show ever. Our drummer had to quite before the show because his lawyer dad was afraid of the legal ramifications of throwing our own show and the possibility of underage drinking. My uncle filled in. A punk rock band that I met in Griffin played with us, Downtrodden. It was rad. No arrests. Just lots of f-bombs and cigarettes.

What is the best gig you have ever seen?

Foo Fighters in Birmingham with two stages in one arena. Against Me! opening up for them. Local H at Big Day Out at the horse park, first bloody nose I ever saw from moshing. Or Cowboy Mouth at the same show. He climbed the rafters and made the whole crowd sit down and jump up all together. Or Amazing Royal Crowns at the same show. I did the worm through the circle pit, then asked Leslie Fram to skank with me … she turned me down. :/

Gig you would most like to play?

Playing at The Tabernacle would be a dream. Opening for Foo Fighters has always been something I associated with success. It’d be rad to sing with Joe Cocker or Lee Dorsey on stage.

What would be the lineup for your dream gig?

immy Hendrix, Motörhead, & Creedence Clearwater Revival.

Catch Death on Two Wheels with Sleeper Agent at The Basement at Graveyard Tavern, Thursday May 17th 


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