After years of blues-based covers, The Liberators releases original debut, plays Smith’s Nov. 14

liberators-welcome-to-tomorrowThe Liberators brings blues-rock to Smith’s Olde Bar in Atlanta Saturday Nov. 14.

The band formed in 2010 as a duo with Eric Levitan and Geoff Nagel, who were co-workers.

At first they jammed with guitar and drums only, bonding musically over covers from Wolfmother, Phish and Led Zeppelin. After jamming with numerous other musicians, they eventually came across two brothers from Atlanta, Todd and Tom Watson.

Sharing a love for improvisational music and real rock ‘n’ roll, the guys started playing parties, bars and clubs around Atlanta as soon as they could, Levitan said.

“For years we just played covers, but long jam sessions soon turned to writing and we realized we had numerous song ideas percolating in our heads,” Levitan said.

As a band of “older guys” who had never written fully formed songs before, Levitan said the process came “strangely naturally to us.”  Before they knew it, he said they had dozens of originals being worked out.

Heavily influenced from other blues rock bands such as the Allman Brothers Band, the Black Crowes, the Grateful Dead and the Black Keys, the Liberators created its own sound of rock music with jam band undertones and a wide variety of styles.

The band recently released its debut album, Welcome To Tomorrow, which is streaming on Spotify and Rhapsody and can be purchased on Amazon, iTunes and CDBaby.

“The songs are indicative of our wide range of influences and as you listen, you move from ‘90s rock to reggae to funk to Southern rock and psychedelic all on the same album,” Levitan said.

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The Liberators have played Eddie’s Attic, Dixie Tavern and will play Smith’s Olde Bar again Nov. 14.

Get tickets to the CD release show at Smith’s website HERE.


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