Album Review: Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Mosquito, Released 4/16

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs are back with their 4th album release, Mosquito and it’s another solid hit. Quite different from the 80’s pop-sounding, 2009 It’s Blitz, Mosquito is more rock oriented. The instrumentals are experimental and Karen O is sassy with title-track, “Mosquito” and the sexy, “Sacrilege”.

“Slave” is fun and edgy, but single, “Sacrilege” is easily the star of the album. This one song has the dance-vibe that we loved in “Heads will Roll” on It’s Blitz. The background gospel singers make it new and fresh. It’s one you’ll want to hit replay on. If you’re looking to take this song to the next level then check out the Tommie Sunshine and Live City Remix of “Sacrilege”.

Fallen for a guy
Fell down from the sky
Halo round his head
Feathers in a bed
In our bed, in our bed

It’s sacrilege, sacrilege
Sacrilege, you say

Softer songs “Subway” and “Wedding Song” are beautiful, though not a match for “Maps” or “Skeleton”. That’s hard to do.

Acoustic versions of “Despair” and “Wedding Song” are included on the album and it’s nice to hear these, but their original electric versions are preferred and consistent with the band’s energy and style.

Mosquito will satisfy your Yeah Yeah Yeahs appetite. There are some great moments on this album, so give it a couple of listens!

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