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Drum roll please…we have another new series! Every other Monday, AMG Discovers finds the greatest up-and-coming artists from the Internet and brings them to your attention. Keep checking up with the series to know who you need to be raging about. Today, we’ll be discussing Derran Day.


With over 80,000 followers subscribed to his YouTube channel and millions of views on his videos, Derran Day is the next big thing. A former Atlanta resident, Derran attended Berklee School of Music in Boston and recorded his first song, “It’s Nothing,” at the age of 17 on Myspace.  He is part of a well-known musical family, including his father Morris Day (who plays Wolf Creek Amphitheater in August), most known as the lead singer of The Time. Derran’s beautiful voice has been serenading people all over the world and he is continuing to grow as a singer. Who wouldn’t love someone who sounds like a mixture of John Legend, Drake, and Sam Smith? Knowing it’s equally important to be a positive role model, Derran became a Musicfuel Mentor for the nonprofit organization that is changing the lives of teens by using music as a vehicle for self-empowerment and creative self-expression.


Known for his covers:

Derran writes his own music too, check him out:




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