AMG SXSW ’10 Q & A with Favorite Gentlemen’s Jeremiah Edmond

Ticket Alternative is partnering with indie record label Favorite Gentlemen for a SXSW showcase at the Belmont in Austin, TX on Thursday, March 18. AMG sent Favorite Gentlemen president Jeremiah Edmond the SXSW ’10 Q & A. This is what he said.

You’re soon to be on the road to SXSW! According to Google maps, the trip from ATL to Austin = approx. 16 hours driving. What are your three essential road trip albums?

This year is different in that this is the first year I am attending only from the label side of things (Favorite Gentlemen) and not as an artist. That means I am not making my way out to Austin while already on tour OR making the long drive straight there and back.  That changes the choice of travel music for sure.

Past van ride staples –
  • Kings of Leon – Aha Shake Heartbreak
  • Jay-Z – Black Album
  • My Morning Jacket – Z
As I am flying this year the music selection isn’t as major a part of the experience because its ability to keep you away and alert/alive or to inspire interaction and entertainment for the whole band isn’t the main priority. My playlist for the plan ride will probably just consist of new music that I need to check out.
On the list-
  • Collective Efforts Trail Mix
  • Wiz Khalifa – Burn After Rolling
  • Meth, Ghost  & Rae – Avenging The Eagle

Fast food // gas station snacks // local diners – where are you most likely to stop for grub on this trip?

Usually it would be gas stations/truck stops with some sort of fast food attached. This trip will be some sort of breakfast spot in the airport and the magazine shop.

There is a band playing at every venue, bar, and BBQ joint in Austin – who are you most excited to see?

Obviously excited about the party we are throwing this year. I am excited about all of the artists playing. I generally don’t put too much stock in trying to catch specific shows at SXSW – as you tend to either not be able to make it to/get in the shows you really want to see or you get distracted by running into some friend you haven’t seen in a while who talks you into instead going with them to some free party with tons of free drinks/food/some top secret party where some amazing artist is rumored to be performing/you have already had too much to drink and are distracted by some other “amazing” band who you will later revisit when sober and realize is awful.

Aside from those:
For a full list of Favorite Gentlemen bands at SXSW, including how to RSVP for the Favorite Gentlemen + Ticket Alternative showcase, please visit:


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