AMG Weekend Picks: Hal Sparks, The Selmanaires, Counting Crows, Zoroaster and More!

My goodness, what a week. It’s been hot, stormy and maybe just a little miserable – and that’s just been our moods. Maybe it was just a full-length week after two short weeks, but we really need this weekend. There’s plenty to do, from Broadway shows to stand-up comedy, kick-ass local rock to a classic dance night. So bring on Friday night and beyond!

Friday, July 16 & Saturday, July 17- Les Miserables at The Frederick Brown, Jr. Amphitheater

All you theater nerds out there, you know you love a bit of Jean Valjean, some French Revolution, and a whole lot of singing. Get your fill at the musical adaptation of Victor Hugo’s legendary tome Les Miserables at Peachtree City’s Fred on Friday and Saturday.

Friday, July 16 – Atlanta Symphony Orchestra: Planet Earth at Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre at Encore Park

Epic meets epic when the ASO plays the score for the BBC’s gloriously beautiful Planet Earth.

Friday, July 16-18 – Hal Sparks at Laughing Skull Lounge

We’ve always found Hal Sparks pretty charming, from his days hosting “Talk Soup” to his big acting parts with projects like “Queer As Folk,” right up his cute quips on VH1. Take the opportunity sometime this weekend to see his stand-up at the Vortex’s Laughing Skull Lounge.

Saturday, July 17- Zoroaster and All The Saints at The EARL

Metal and psychedelic indie rock combine for a night of two amazing local acts with ear-melting bands Zoroaster and All The Saints take the stage at The EARL.

Saturday, July 17 – The Selmanaires and Adron at Star Bar

The Selmanaires have been putting out some cracking stuff lately, with their sounds getting a lot more experimental and airy, yet still incredibly enjoyable. The band will be joined be frequent collaborator, wonderful singer Adron.


Saturday, July 17 – Old School Saturday at Hyatt Regency Atlanta

Old School Saturday never disappoints – you get dressed up, there’s some sweet hip-hop and RNB tunes from the ’80s and ’90s, it’s wonderfully packed, and everyone looks super-fly. If you need a change from the too-cool-for-school, then maybe you need to take it back… to the old school (see what we did there??).

Sunday, July 18 – Counting Crows at Chastain Park Amphitheatre

We all had that August and Everything After record, and we all remember the video for “A Long December” with singer Adam Duritz’s then-girlfriend Courtney Cox. Relive those good old college/high school/middle school/elementary school days with a show from the classic American pop band on Sunday.


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