AMG Weekend Preview 10/31/2019 – 11/03/2019

Here’s a quick look at the best shows and events happening in Atlanta this weekend Thursday, October 31st through Sunday, November 3rd!


Dotline Projekt and The Ain’t Sisters Halloween Extravaganza at The Vista Room ATL

Thursday, October 31st at 8:00pm

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Get groovy and spooky on Halloween night with the Dotiline Project and The Ain’t Sisters! Trick or Treat yourself with a reserved table and enjoy the show in style!


Stop Light Observations with Rare Creatures at Smith’s Olde Bar

Friday, November 1st  at 9:00pm

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Stop Light Observations may be blazing their own trails, but they want everyone to join them on their journey—fans, friends and family, past and present. “The Volume releases will ultimately be defined as a series—a voice for the voiceless. A podium for those who have yearned for the opportunity to share their own stories of struggle, passion, and love,” vocalist Will Blackburn explains.

“We live in an era of polar divisions perpetuated by fear,” Blackburn continues. “And the divide seems to be growing exponentially. But if we turn off the cable news channel and walk out our front doors and speak to our neighbors, we may find that our struggles, while they vary, are often quite relatable. It is my hope that trough this style of releasing music that we may open up the conversations that need to be addressed most in today’s America. All are equal and all opinions should be heard with hopes of perpetuating peace and understanding. Love is the way and this is the path we have chosen to move forward.”


Mass Destruction Metal Fest 3 at The Loft (Center Stage)

Friday, November 1st & Saturday, November 2nd

Event Link

November 1st & 2nd at The Loft at Center Stage, A. Rippin’ Production is proud to present:

Fri 11/1:
Nile (SC) – 12:00
Terrorizer (FL) – 10:55
NunSlaughter (OH) – 9:55
The True Mortem (Perú) – 9:00
Sacrocurse (Mexico/TX) – 8:10
Valdrin (OH) – 7:20
Ectovoid (AL/GA) – 6:30

Sat 11/2
SIGH (official page) (Japan) – 12:00
Demolition Hammer (NY) – 10:50
DECEASED… (MD) – 9:50
Morta Skuld (WI) – 8:55
Imprecation (TX) – 8:00
Vesterian (NC) – 7:10
Caveman Cult (FL) – 6:20
Morbid Torment (LA) – 5:30

Two day passes $80adv/$95door
Single day passes $50adv/$60door


The Devil Wears Prada w/ Norma Jean & Gideon at The Masquerade

Sunday, November 3rd at 7:00pm

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Dayton, Ohio metalcore act The Devil Wears Prada took their name from the novel and movie, but rebranded it to fit their anti-materialistic Christian ethics. Emerging among the crop of punishing metalcore acts to debut in the early 2000s, they managed to capture a secular audience with 2007 breakthrough Plagues, experiencing a commercial peak soon after with 2009’s With Roots Above and Branches Below and 2011’s best-selling Dead Throne, both of which topped the Billboard Independent Albums chart. Closing the decade, they entered into an era of maturity and sonic evolution with 2016’s Transit Blues and 2019’s The Act.



Omni w/ Yukons & Kibi James at The EARL

Monday, November 4th at 9:00pm

Event Link

Enter Networker, the new album by Omni and first with indie giant Sub Pop Records. Their sound is still defined by sparse drums, locked-in bass, blistering guitar, and nonchalant, yet assured vocals, but from the first notes of “Sincerely Yours” you’ll immediately notice that Networker sounds much cleaner and more “HI-FI” than their prior two albums, Deluxe (2016) and Multi-task (2017). The departure in fidelity suits the new record and allows the listener to enjoy the nuances of their meticulous arrangements. Don’t worry, the riffs of Gang of Four and Wire are still present, but the production is more lush and the harmony is even more expansive. Despite nods to the sounds of the ’70s and ’80s what comes through is a record fully rooted in the here and now. Thematically, this is apparent on the title track “Networker” taking a candid snapshot of the “digital you” aspect of life in the age of the internet. The otherwise fun romp “Skeleton Key” also acknowledges the “direct message and obsessive” side of social media with lines like “if you don’t like what you see, the pretty face on the screen, scroll on by…” -Scott Munro, Preoccupations 2019


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