AMG’s Ones to Watch: Evan Andree


By: Taylor Magill


I was first exposed to Evan Andree’s music while working at The Masquerade when he opened for MC Lars and I Fight Dragons. As soon as I got home, I started googling to find out where I could hear more of this extremely talented singer-songwriter’s music online. I was excited to learn that he’s from right here in Atlanta. After giving more of Evan’s music a listen, I immediately became a fan. I was lucky enough to talk to Evan this past week about his newest EP’s, his biggest accomplishments, and what he has planned for his future in music.


AMG: What inspired you to start playing music?

EA: When I think back a love of music started really young. My dad played drums in some rock bands back in college and was always playing music around the house and really latched onto it. I remember I got a walkman cassette player when I was like seven years old and I was inseparable with that thing. I always had headphones on. Around then I started trying to write songs just by making noises with my mouth.

AMG: Where do you draw inspirations for your music?

EA: I’m very into the tragedy of life. How life isn’t either sad or happy it’s sort of a bitter sweet blend of the two. This tragedy is experienced a lot when we are “in love” so I do write a lot of love songs. I’ve started to challenge myself to try to write outside the box a little bit though. I’ve started to write from other peoples viewpoints a little as well. The song on my new EP called “Cold Destruction Of Life” is actually about a murder that took place in my apartment complex a few months ago. I wasn’t directly involved the tragedy but it did create some strange psychological feelings that I dealt with in that song. So inspiration comes from anywhere and everywhere.

AMG: Who are your biggest musical influences?

EA: I’m all over the place with that as well. I like a lot of the indie electro stuff right now like Passion Pit, Purity Ring, and even a lot of what Ellie Goulding is doing. I love dream pop like Beach House. There’s also a part of me that likes simple rock and roll like Palma Violets and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. I’m a big fan of the new verby surf rock that seems to happening lately like Surfer Blood and Beach Fossils.

AMG: What is your biggest musical accomplishment so far?

EA: My biggest accomplishment was when Nike UK picked up my song Panic for an online video they did. I’ve also opened for some really good bands in Atlanta like Paper Route and MC Lars. Personally, I’m most proud of just putting out music though. I self produce all of this so it’s a very very involved process for me and proud of each moment.

AMG: Are there any upcoming shows or releases that fans should look out for?

EA: My new EP just came out called Flags Pt. III. I also have 6 new songs that should be out very, very soon. I’m wrapping production on those. My goal is to put out from 25 to 50 songs this year. It seems pretty daunting but I think I can do it. I play shows every few months. For updates on that follow me on twitter.

AMG: If you could open for any band or musician, who would it be?

EA: I’d love to play with Ryan Adams or Butch Walker. I love what those dudes have done with music.

AMG:  What are your future plans or goals for your music?

EA: This year the whole goal and push is tons and tons of new music out. I’m pushing myself to not go a month without a few more songs coming out. It’s going to be really hard but super worth it.

AMG:  Do you have a Facebook, Twitter, or website for fans to check out?

EA: I use twitter more than any other social media. I like the conversation aspect of it. My handle is @evanandreemusic. I have a website and I’m on Facebook.





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