AMG’s Ones to Watch: Forever and Counting

forever.    By: Taylor Magill

Atlanta Music Guide’s Ones to Watch is a new weekly interview segment to keep you informed about the latest news, shows, and releases from the newest up and coming bands on the local Atlanta music scene.

Since making an appearance on episode 5 of MTV’s hit show Catfish, Forever and Counting have been launched into the spotlight on both a local, and somewhat national music scene.

Hailing from Atlanta’s south side, Forever and Counting was originally founded by vocalist Korey Bridges and drummer Ray Myers. They have been playing music together since 2011. Bass player Jarrod Musselwhite and guitarist Ches Kendrick joined in January 2012 causing things to really take off for the band.

With a band tagline of “screaming all the words that are too hard to say”, Forever and Counting resides in the punk neighborhood and promises audiences a high-energy performance and chance of an on-stage collision making their live shows no true fan of punk music would want to miss.

I recently sat down with the guys from Forever and Counting to see what all the Internet buzz is about.

AMG: Since your appearance on Catfish, what kind of response have you received from fans?

FAC: Before the show aired, we had a little over 600 Facebook likes. Now we’re at 3,700. We could sit on the computer and watch the likes on the band page and friend requests on our personal pages pour in.

AMG: Who would you say are your two biggest musical influences?

FAC: Hot Water Music is number one. Our band name, Forever and Counting, actually comes from one of their album titles. Thrice would be the other.

AMG: Any exciting shows or releases coming up that you want to let fans know about?

 FAC: We’ll be playing at Williams Street House in Valdosta on February 2and Neptune’s Lounge in St. Petersburg, Florida on February 15. We’re writing new material for our upcoming EP, so be on the lookout for that!

 AMG: If you could open for anyone, what would be a dream come true for you guys?

 FAC: Definitely Hot Water Music.

AMG: Where can fans find your music online?

FAC: They can like our Forever and Counting page on Facebook, follow us on Twitter at @FandCmusic, see videos from our concerts on YouTube, or check out our pages on reverbnation and bandcamp.

 AMG: What’s your future plans or dreams for your band?

 Korey: Touring non-stop. I want us to get signed to Rise Records.

Ches: To get more stuff recorded.

Jarrod: To play more shows, especially in Atlanta.


Forever and Counting is Korey Bridges, Ches Kendrick, Jarrod Musselwhite, and Ray Myers. For more information go to


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