AMG’s Ones to Watch: Gold Plated Gold


By: Taylor Magill

When you grow up in a small town like Chatsworth, Georgia, sometimes the only thing there is to do is start a band. After playing in different groups and working to find themselves musically, Gold Plated Gold came together in January of 2011. Self described as “three men bounded by the hand of God to wonder the land and claim every horse that they can in hopes of breeding the most powerful offspring possible,” Gold Plated Gold is churning out three to four shows a month and hitting the music scene hard in 2013.

Curious about the hype behind them and captivated by their catchy tunes, I talked with Gold Plated Gold about the inspiration behind the music, how the name came about, and what’s up for them in 2013.


AMG:What inspired you guys to start a band?

GPG: Generally our obsession with rock music. We only usually had one place to play music within a ten mile radius from where we lived at the time we all met, so all the music loving kids tended to stick together. We were all playing in different groups at the time, talked with each other a few times and were really just trying to find ourselves musically. We saw that everyone was going in the same direction with most of their music in our area and that nobody looked like they were really getting into what they were doing at all. After being around it for so long, it seems like a fire just set inside of us. It was a drive that still keeps pushing us to this day.

AMG: Where did your band name come from?

GPG: One of the first times that all three of us played together was at our drummer’s house for one of our friend’s twenty first birthday. He had been ridiculously drunk of course and started going on about how much he liked what he heard. He assured us that he was serious and followed up by saying “you guys could have wh-whatever you want, y-you could have money, women, and gold plated rec…….gold.” He was trying to say gold plated records but something completely original came out instead. It was just a drunken slip of the tongue on his part I’m sure, but it seems like it was meant to be at that moment and even to this day.

AMG: Where do you draw the inspirations for your music?

GPG: A lot of experimental music, a bit of garage rock and tons of heavy blues based rock and roll. We’re all from very diverse musical backgrounds, but shared an interest in anything really grooving that just made us want to dance. Lyrically, it would just be general day to day experiences like our jobs, friends, and sexual adventures.

AMG: Who are your biggest musical influences?

GPG: Some of the biggest influences we have in regards to other bands are: Queens of the Stone Age, The White Stripes, The Mars Volta, Modest Mouse, The Pixies, The Strokes and Portugal. The Man

AMG: What is your band’s biggest accomplishment so far?

GPG: The show that we played with Surfer Blood last July in Atlanta. It was at The Masquerade and it was just nearly sold out. Not only was it our first time playing in Atlanta, it was the first time that we had played for such a giant crowd. We generated quite few fans at that show that still come to our shows. Getting to hang back stage with Surfer Blood all night was pretty amazing too.

AMG: Are there any upcoming shows or releases that fans should look out for?

GPG: We actually just put five demos on our soundcloud account and hey are all available for free download. As far as shows go, we have an amazing show on March 8th at JJ’s Bohemia in Chattanooga, TN with Diarrhea Planet and Behold the Brave. It should be one of the craziest shows that we’ve been a part of in a very long time.

AMG: If you could open for any musician or band, who would you want it to be?

GPG: Queens of the Stone. As diverse as their sound gets at times and as much as we love them, that would be amazing.

AMG: What are your future goals and plans for your band?

GPG: In the next year we are planning to tour all over the southern United States, play a lot more of the new material that we have been writing for a while now and start work on a full length that should be done in late fall.

AMG: Do you have a Facebook, Twitter, or website for fans to check out?

GPG: We’re connected to nearly every social media site in existence, but we usually just stick to the sites listed.,, Instagram is @goldplatedgold,,

Gold Plated Gold is Blake Callahan, Casey Lovain, and Adam Ayers. Gold Plated Gold is based in Chatsworth, GA. For more information visit



  1. watched these guys open up for surfer blood, put on a pretty great set.

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