Atlanta Music Guide Meets Ann Wilson! See Her at Buckhead Theatre June 6.


For the days (maybe weeks) leading into my interview with Ann Wilson, I essentially performed the mental version of pacing around nervously. What will I say? What can I ask her that will do any honor to 40 years of influencing music? Will the Queen of Cool think I’m cool?

With my sights set on cool, I opened with an anecdote, telling Ann how honored I was to be speaking with her, as I am the brunette half of a cousin duo who grew up in the 80s and was frequently cast as Ann in our living room renditions of Barracuda. Like I said, cool.

Her humble, gracious nature quickly redirected my nerves into excitement as we began to discuss her new music and current tour.

I asked Ann if there was anything particularly special about this tour and enthusiasm instantly flooded her voice. “I really hope people come to see this show, because it’s not just music. We worked closely with video production, light, and sound teams to create something amazing because we want the shows to be total, all-encompassing experiences.”

She goes on to say that during this tour her songs have continued to grow and morph every show, citing that she performs a few HEART songs, but they are completely re-envisioned. The other songs? Originally Ann, or cover, which she jokes are chosen with pure selfishness – songs she loves to sing, songs whose music still inspires her own writing.

Speaking of covers, we touch on her moving tribute to Chris Cornell a couple of weeks ago on Jimmy Kimmel. “The decision to cover Black Hole Sun was made on the spur of the moment, as we’d just heard the news and I wanted something that truly defined Chris. It was a moving moment for all of us.”

Before hanging up, we talked for a second about what happens next for her after this tour. “I am looking forward to a life without deadlines. For 40 years, there’s never not been a deadline – now the sky’s the limit. After this tour ends, I’m going to write music, spend time at home with my husband, travel, SWIM!” Be on the lookout for Ann Wilson on the shores of Mexico in 2018, y’all.

In the meantime, you can catch her on June 6th at The Buckhead Theatre, presented by The Fabulous Fox!



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