Atlanta Music Guide Shaky Knees Artist Spotlight: PUP

I was admittedly pretty excited to sit down with PUP at Shaky Knees. I met them in the press room as much a fan as a writer, having seen them live a few (every) of the times they’ve played Atlanta. (RIP, Masquerade.) Speaking of, the band shared a fond anecdote with me about hanging out with Masquerade security guards their very first time in Atlanta. It may or may not have involved fireworks. I digress.

PUP is gearing up for festival season after a few months off the road. I asked them what they did during their time off and they answered in almost perfect unison, “We wrote music.” They each went on to talk about how refreshing it is come off tour and and give their brains a chance to let the creative out. PUP spent most of 2016 on the road promoting their sophomore album (though don’t let the cliche’ of such a thing convince you it’s anything less than an all-night, punk rock dance party) The Dream is Over.

We chat about festivals. (They tout Shaky Knees as really well-organized with an incredible line-up.) They talk about what an awesome time they’ve had, though lamented that the rain held off during their set; they’d been hoping to “go all Woodstock” on us. Now I wish it had rained, too. I asked them if, after our interview, they’d head out into the crowd to see shows and they all answer, “NO”, joking that they hate music. “Why would we go into the office on a day off?”

One of the coolest things of note about PUP (besides their music, which is audaciously plucky tongue-and-cheek indie-pop-punk, if I may) is their affection for Atlanta. They commented specifically on our awesome record stores, delicious eats (shout-out to El Super Pan and Home Grown), and laughed as they talked about how well we take care of each other in our pits. The mosh variety. They expressed gratitude for their Atlanta fans showin’ the love, citing that they always leave feeling like they played a great show. They also have a very special relationship with Atlanta’s own, Punk Rock Milo. Go ahead and give yourselves a pat on the back, Atlanta Music Community.

So what now for PUP? New music is coming. But not for a minute. Seriously, don’t anybody go freaking out. Slowly was stressed, but it still makes me excited to know there’s more where the last two albums came from. In the meantime, while we wait impatiently, follow the band on Instagram and give The Dream is Over a listen.


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