Album Review: Born Ruffians’ “Birthmarks”

By: Shelby Lum To begin. Birthmarks is completely infectious. Singer, Luke Lalonde’s vocals have some factor that just will not leave your head, and make you wonder why Born Ruffians has never made it onto your favorites playlist. Really though, how has this not happened yet? You will hear “Needles” once, and need to listen […]

Interview with Bonnie Bishop playing at Eddie’s Attic on Friday, March 29th

By: Shelby Lum Bonnie Bishop isn’t afraid to tell it all–at least now that she’s older. The Nashville based Americana singer funnels her personal life into her music. “I write music about the personal struggles, and my music is very emotional,” Bishop said. “I find that most of the things that I go through in […]

Interview with Matt Bishop of Hey Marseilles playing Vinyl on Friday, March 22

By: Shelby Lum Seattle is dripping with a lot of things. Rain, hipsters, and indie-pop bands to name a few. Hey Marseilles, the indie-pop/indie-folk band out of Seattle is looking to distinguish itself from the masses within the Seattle area. “We kind of have a unique niche because we are able to integrate a diverse […]

AMG Weekend Picks! St. Patrick’s Festivities, Concerts, & More!

By: Shelby Lum photo courtesy of Fado Irish Pub & Restaurant If you’re not Irish then you’re going to be this weekend, for it’s St. Patrick’s Weekend! Fill up your pints with Guinness or your favorite Irish whiskey and get ready to enjoy Atlanta’s awesome events and 70 degree weather! St. Paddy’s events are happening […]

Interview with John of High Strung String Band Playing at Smith’s Olde Bar on Friday, March 15th

By: Shelby Lum Some bands will take the easy way out when producing, composing, and creating music. High Strung String Band has taken specific steps to keep the integrity of folk and bluegrass music in their style, even if it means it is more difficult for them. In the traditional bluegrass fashion, the band has […]

Interview with Whitey Morgan playing at Peachtree Tavern on Thursday, March 14th

By: Shelby Lum For those of us who were born and bred below the Mason Dixon line, Country music seems to be our genre, something that we hold onto, something distinctly Southern. Whitey Morgan & the 78’s are looking to change that stereotype. Hailing from Flint, Michigan, the band is a different kind of Country […]

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