Interview with Erin Thomas; Playing Eddie’s Attic on Thursday, March 14th

268708_161256870613356_4029920_nBy: Shelby Lum

Erin Thomas herself is proof that Nashville produces more than just modern country artists.

The young folk singer grew up around music of all kinds, and it was in the cards for Thomas to become an artist and a musician.

“My parents were lover of all types of music,” Thomas said. “My dad actually plays bass and he would play and we would sing.”

The singer began her love for music at an early age, and unlike most, she was able to see her passion early in life.

“It was engrained from a young age that I was able to experience music with my family,” she said. “So I have always considered myself a folk musician.”

Yet even with all her passion, Thomas’ relationship with music has been a rocky one. She originally went to conservatory in Nashville, and played the french horn. For ten years she pursued her love for music in the form of the french horn, but after a muscle injury, she was forced to give up her career as a french horn player.

For better or worse, with that injury, Thomas turned to singing when she was no longer able to play the french horn.

“When that happened I came back to my roots, and picked up a guitar and followed my roots,” she said.

With her injury came a new direction in her music where she began writing and singing her own original songs. “What has happened with my writing just feels magical,” Thomas said.

She described her style as having flavors of bluegrass and being a fresh folk fusion. She combines a true part of her self with her unique fusion of music.

“On stage I feel my music comincates a really raw part of myself,” she said. “It’s a really honest presentation.”

Having had years of performance experience under her belt, Thomas is both at home on the stage, and comfortable with her own songs. Since beginning her song writing career she has kept her tunes personal.

“I don’t usually co-write, so my music is all my own, and from my heart so I really connect with audiences well,” Thomas said.

Erin Thomas is scheduled to play at Eddie’s Attic on Thursday, March 14th. 



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