The Baptist Generals playing Star Bar June 21st!

By: Shelby Lum 427553_340451955989520_102096678_n

These Texans have come a long way, from playing for beer money to playing for house parties to signing a label to releasing their latest album with Sub Pop records.

The Baptist Generals, an indie band out of Denton, Texas have taken ten years to create their most recent album “Jackleg Devotional to the Heart.” Folk riddled with ambient feedback and characterized by a spinning cast of local folk musicians, The Baptist Generals have left nothing to chance and have created an album of love–but not the mushy kind of love you might expect.

Although singer-songwriter Chris Flemmons has dubbed “Jackleg Devotional to the Heart” his “love album,” in which quite a few of the songs are inspired by past relationships, it’s also because he went into the album having to have a good relationship with all of the songs. His 2005’s scrapped album shows just that, and after years of testing songs at shows and finding the right mix of musicians, The Baptist Generals were in the right place with the album and all the songs and released it on May 21st.

Rather than making a generic indie album, Flemmons created an intimate album that he worked on for a decade. It creates an emotional dialogue with listeners.

With a blend of electronic and folk roots, the album is almost experimental. The emotional differences between this albums and most others is significant, and The Baptist Generals have re-thought how to express feelings through his clear vocals and inspired instrumentals.

The Baptist Generals are scheduled to play at Star Bar on Friday June, 21st. 

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