The Road To Counterpoint: Interview with Big Gigantic

big gigantic

The best way I know how to begin introducing Big Gigantic starts with a little personal story. I dragged my younger sister, a hater of all things EDM/etc., to a Big G show, and as soon as Dom picked up the sax, the girl was hooked. The only people who don’t like Big G, simply haven’t heard their music yet. The combination of Dominic Lalli on the saxophone and Jeremy Salken on the drums creates an electro jam fusion that is guaranteed to make any innocent bystander involuntarily get down and dance. Big G, fresh off the release of their new hit album The Night Is Young, will be heading to Counterpoint Music Festival on April 25th to get funky and spread the love to the Atlanta area. Dom was nice enough to answer some questions for AMG about the festival circuit, their collab with Cherub, and their never ending touring schedule. (No emoticons barred!)

AMG: Dom, We are stoked to have you guys back at Counterpoint this year!

Dom: We are soooooo excited to be back!

AMG: Playing Coachella the two weekends prior to Counterpoint plus youโ€™re coming off a mostly sold-out cross-country tour. How do you still manage to bring so much energy to your performances?

Dom: We love playing so much so bringing the energy is easy! Especially since we have such awesome crowds they help us keep the energy up the whole show.

AMG: Which do you prefer: headlining tours or the festival circuit?

Dom: That’s a tough one, both are so fun and different in their own way. Since it’s just about festival season though, I’ll go with festivalssss!! ๐Ÿ™‚

AMG: How did you guys first approach making music for The Night Is Young after 2012โ€™s success with Nocturnal? I can assume it might have been a bit intimidating, wanting to really come through to impress your ABGF.

Dom: I just wanted to make something that was down the same road as Nocturnal but had a fresh tinge to it and I think the album came across just how I imagined it.

AMG: I love that you and Cherub filmed the music video for The Night is Young while in Mexico for Mayan Holidaze. How did that scenario for the video unfold?

Dom: We realized that both of us were gonna be in Mexico for Mayan Holidaze so we decided to just fly a film crew down there with us and just have them film us partying. It was super fun to shoot and the video came out awesome!

AMG: Promise to stop in ATL next headlining tour, pretty please?

DOM: YOU GOT IT! ๐Ÿ˜‰ We love you guys so much!!


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