Bits and Bobs: 40 Nights of Rock & Roll, HOToberFest, MoogFest, Mashable & Regator

– We’re stoked to finally see the first trailer for 40 Nights of Rock & Roll, a film that director Scott Sloan and writer (ex-Paste editor) Steve LaBate started work on back in April. Check it out over on Paste.

– Fall beer season is kicking off, and the first beer festival of the season is HOToberFest, this Saturday at the lovely Glenwood Park. There’s a great free-for-all part of the park, with some great live music and beer for you to buy, and of course the ticket-required beer tasting areas (including VIP area) with over 130 incredible beers for you to taste. Don’t forget to buy your tickets now!

– Celebrating the wonderful Robert Moog (American music pioneer, inventor of the Moog synthesizer), the annual MoogFest is taking place again in Asheville, N.C., October 29-31. There will be a ton of incredible artists – from DEVO to MGMT, Big Boi to Massive Attack, Thievery Corporation to Cee Lo Green – as well as some fascinating panels and demonstrations – like theremin performances, a panel on The Power of Modular Synthesis and a panel on The Birth of the Minimoog. It’s sure to be a mind-blowing weekend.

– For a second year, Mashable is teaming up with blog aggregator Regator to create Mashlanta 2.0, a party of mammoth proportions. It’s full open bar, with a killer DJ (Joseph Fuller of Nonsense at Noni’s) and the best social media, tech, press, bloggers networking opportunity you can find in these parts. You’ll want to get your tickets now because this gig is on Thursday and there’s not many spaces left.


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