CD Review: David Cross — Bigger and Blackerer

David Cross

Bigger and Blackerer

Sub Pop

By Ellen Eldridge

Bigger and Blackerer, the latest release from David Cross (available May 25 on CD and DVD), encompasses the inane sense of indignant humor for which fans fell in love with Cross in the mid ’90s during HBO’s series “Mr. Show.” For fans who may have missed out on those sketch comedy years when Cross worked with Bob Odenkirk, a simple introduction to the great quotes of Cross would mirror graffiti scrawled on a bathroom stall door in a sleazy bar somewhere in downtown Atlanta. Then again, so would the previously released album titles; “It’s Not Funny” (2004), “Shut Up, You Fucking Baby!” (2002), and his DVD tour “Let America Laugh” (2003).

Perhaps “David Cross takes on…” would be a more appropriate way to describe the topics he chooses to cover for his stand up comedy. He’s crude, he’s crass, he’s completely unafraid to discuss any thing from religion, health care, addiction (including his own addiction to the show Intervention), politics and the fact that Coors Light felt the need to market a wide mouth can to a clientele who simply couldn’t get beer in fast enough! He entices us from the very opening where he sings to us, “The Sultan’s Revenge” and carries the tune in excellent musical style. His voice always appealed as he mocks with his words and ideas, not his vocals. David Cross can carry a tune!

His demented yet hilarious perspectives on his own life often mirror those in his audiences and each listener’s favorite tracks will vary dependent on their experience. Bigger and Blackerer is stand up comedy for new and old fans who love to laugh at what would drive many a philosopher batty.

Get a little loopy while recounting your college years lost on late-night trips to buy batteries because the acid made you think that what was needed to be done. Seriously consider the reasons President Obama may have to kill our nation’s grandparents. Whichever way you choose to enjoy the CD and DVD of David Cross’ Bigger and Blackerer, make plans to do it this May 25.


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