CD Review: Death On Two Wheels – Seperation of Church and Fate

Death_on_2_wheels_album_cover Death on Two Wheels
Separation of Church and Fate
Self Released

by Noel Wurst

The Atlanta-ness of Death on Two Wheels slaps you in the face. A “Certified Atlanta” stamp across a group’s forehead can be great, especially in the hip hop world. However, with rock bands, the Atlanta label has been a bit of a shackle. We love rock here, and we go see our local starlets at the same small clubs they always play, and sadly that’s often where the fun ends for our favorite artists.

Front man Trae Vedder is working harder than ever these days, and his efforts in all of his 50 jobs deserve commendation. His band Death on Two Wheels, and their new album Separation of Chuch and Fate, have everything that Atlanta craves: a shabbily crafted rock appearance, a witty name, and a wittier album title. The record is also equal parts dancey and rock, which has been the demand from Atlanta’s audiences for years.

DOTW pulls off the lazy country track “Two Dollar Bills” beautifully, with an impressive twang. “Take it Away” is the best song by leaps and bounds; the tambourine even sounds good. Unfortunately, a problem arrives with the two songs that immediately follow. “Sweet Love” and “How Love is Made” are such a departure from the style/sound they’re building, and it’s not a change that sits well. For some reason, many bands are reluctant to just rock and not attempt the “Every Rose Has its Thorn” slow ballads for fear of coming off as a one trick pony.  If their one trick is good enough; they shouldn’t need another. Atlanta certainly doesn’t require it.
Death On Two Wheels will plat at Vinyl on Wednesday Oct 29th as part of the MTV Choose or Lose Tour:


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