CD Review: Ear PWR — Super Animal Brothers III

EarPwrAlbum Ear PWR
Super Animal Brothers III
Carpark Records

By Al Kaufman

Devin Booze and Sarah Reynolds, the duo that comprise Ear PWR, are so gosh darn cute you just want to pinch their cherubic little cheeks. Super Animal Brothers III is full of so many hyperactive, day-glo loops and beats it makes Gwen Stefani sound like Peter Murphy.

Amid whoop-whoops, Reynolds sings lines like "You will be a tiger and I will be a manatee" on the title cut with all the zeal and energy of a little girl at her first carnival. "Sparkley Sweater" continues the childlike theme, except the song is even more obnoxious than anything Hannah Montana could dream up.

Ear PWR is sweet summertime goodness. With their funky beats and irreverent lyrics, they're The B-52's on speed and cotton candy. They may be fun for a song or two at a dance club, but an entire CD worth of music, beeps, blips, (especially the cacophony that concludes the closing track, "Secret Stars") and mousy vocals will induce a diabetic coma.

Ear PWR play 529 with Adventure on Thursday, June 26. Tickets available at Ticket Alternative.


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