CD Review: Great Northern — Remind Me Where The Light Is


Great Northern
Remind Me Where The Light Is
Eenie Meenie Records

After Trading
Twilight for Daylight
in ‘07 and hitting the road with everyone from Cold
War Kids and Spoon to Ladytron and Silversun Pickups in ‘08, the  indie rockers
better known as Great Northern have returned as a duo and are using the New
Year and their latest studio album to remind me, you and music fans everywhere
just exactly "where the light is."

entitled,  Remind Me Where the Light Is, the band’s sophomore album seeks to convey the
emotions of a group of individuals who have been just about everywhere and done
everything, only to return home a little dazed, and “not entirely prepared to
sit still and write.” The album reflects the emotions that coincide with a band
who are trying to figure out what their next step will be in the overwhelming
world of music.

Considering the
themes of the album, Great Northern’s musical mavens Solon Bixler and Rachel
Stolte chose to delve a bit further than what was heard on Trading Twilight
for Daylight
. “We dug deeper into the unpleasant, which helped us to find
the beauty,” Bixler says, a sentiment further backed up by
Stolte, “We are content to be learning as we go … trying to overcome the fear of
changing ourselves, constantly redefining ourselves as artists, and never
creating the same thing twice. We hope the people who hear our music will relate
to this next chapter of our lives.”

Overall, Remind
Me Where the Light Is
, which was produced by Michael Patterson, best known
for his work with Beck and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, delivers upbeat,
guitar-driven songs, with layered vocals and a sweeping, panoramic sound.


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