CD Review: Intronaut – Habitual Levitations Drops Tuesday, March 19th

Intronaut-Habitual-Levitations-620x620Review by Ellen Eldridge

The word Intronaut makes me think of a spacesuit-clad band destined only to open for bigger bands, spiraling out musically while standing still on stage. After listening to Habitual Levitations, I feel quite certain that Intronaut will break out of its well-earned slot opening for bands including Tool and Meshuggah. Maybe the “intro” part of the word exists to imply that this band of post-progressive musicians will introduce fans to a new era of accomplished experimentation.

The cover art almost seems to allude to The Grateful Dead with depiction of a crow picking at skeletons, and that allusion fits into the fact that Intronaut treads on the edge of being a jam band. Tribal drums accompany trance-like vocals and tracks bleed into one another as the listener floats like a feather on the water.

Four and a half minutes into “The Welding,” a breakdown solo anticipates a polished but chunky power groove. Intronaut reminds you upon waking that this is still only the second track of nine, on an album whose average track time runs about seven minutes.

“Sight for Sore Eyes” was released last week exclusively through; the song was touted as a means for the listener to be transported to a dimension not only of sound and sight but also of mind. I’ll buy in because Intronaut holds its own among progressive metal jam bands. No death metal screaming in these long and flighty songs.

Habitual Levitaions works well to both introduce new fans and entice them to check out the three earlier releases. Intronaut recently finished its tour with Meshuggah and Animals As Leaders, but Habitual Levitations releases Tuesday on Century Media Records. Give yourself time to fall in love before Intronaut returns to touring.

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