CD Review: Sol Driven Train — Underdog; Playing @ Smith’s Olde Bar March 9th

sol driven

Sol Driven Train
By Al Kaufman

Sol Driven Train is made up of a bunch of happy guys from Charleston, SC who love making music and probably listened to a lot of Jimmy Buffett as kids. Their songs consist of loose, rootsy melodies infused with horns.  They sing carefree songs about the glories of being poor (“Fuego! Fuego!”), that special tingly sense one feels when seeing a girl for the first time (“Lady of Chang Mai”), or the glories of having a plane delay so that the vacation can continue (“One More Day”).

Yes, it’s feel good music, but it offers some substance as well. “Underdog” cheers on a friend that has remained sober for a year and includes a guitar track that constantly threatens to morph into Collective Soul’s “Shine.”  “Guest List” offers up some gospel flair, but with a twist. Here, the person knows he is not good enough to get into heaven, so asks a friend to put him on the guest list, or “just sneak me in the back door.”

“Changed Mind” and the unabashed love song “Samantha Marie” both recall that great Texas roots rock band, the Gourds.  “I Do Declare,” as the title indicates, also has a southern feel. With Danielle Howle’s back and forth  vocal alongside Joel Timmons, the song glides on a nice southern groove, stating “If he don’t get it at home, he’ll get it somewhere else,” but also rationalizing, “If you’re running with the dogs, you’re bound to catch some fleas.” Again, it brings a smile. These are Afro-Caribbean tinged melodies that are able to flesh out a warm smile during winter’s doldrums.

Sol Driven Train play Smith’s Olde Bar with Georgia Soul Council on Saturday, March 9th. Get tickets here.



  1. Caught these guys while in Charleston last week for the CD release. Incredible show!

  2. Yes we are looking forward to it!

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