CD Review: The Rescues — Crazy Ever After

Rescues The Rescues
Crazy Ever After
Red Wind
2 stars

by Al Kaufman

Music is necessary. We need it to help express emotion and beauty. We need it because it improves our quality of life. Music reaches our soul and makes us feel like more than just a clump of genes. Books have been written about what it feels like to listen to Miles Davis' Kind of Blue, and they still have only scratched the surface.

No books will be written on the emotional outpouring that one feels listening to the Rescues Crazy Ever After. The Rescues are Kyler England, Gabriel Mann and Adrianne. The three singer/songwriters got together after the three were individually hired to play at a wedding. The indie-rockers hit it off and the trio was formed. (Since the CD's release, fourth member Rob Giles has joined the band.)

The end result is equivalent to what would happen if three American Idol finalists formed a band together. While technically competent, the music here has no soul. This is meticulously planned, shiny, polished music with hooks galore meant to move units. This is an LA band that cares more about getting its songs placed in movies and TV shows (and they have been placed in many) rather than actually having anything to say.

There are some promising moments. They harmonize as beautifully as the Indigo Girls on "Shadows of Tall Buildings," while "My Heart with You" recalls the even more fragile harmonies of the Be Good Tanyas. But otherwise this is vacuous pop meant to help you figure out how you feel while watching your favorite teen TV show.

The Rescues play Eddie's Attic with Kate York on Thursday, November 13th. 8 pm. $12/$15 door.


  1. Went to the concert Nov. 13, 2008 at Eddies Attic. Came out of show with 2 CDs – one for myself and other for friend. Great CD and the group performance in person was really good. Seen many shows at the Attic over the years, and this one stands out. Highly recommend their music.

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