CD Review: The Romans – Coldest Weather

Review by Ellen Eldridge

The Coldest Weather debut introduces The Romans as empathetic to indie rock while immersed in influences from wider sources.
Atlanta acts as a melting pot for music; so many genres and influences inspire the music from our city’s bands and The Romans belly up to the bar bringing a warm nostalgic feeling of ‘80s pop and new wave alternative. Aaron Whitehouse’s vocals immediately call to mind Robert Smith of The Cure.
“I Will Call” opens Coldest Weather like a draft blowing through the room. Its bright melodies clash against that backdrop of ‘80s pop that becomes The Romans’ signature sound. All at once it invigorates and inspires a new wave of new wave.
Songs like “Tremble” infatuate the listener’s mind with the melancholy moments that inspire all people to break through instead of breakdown. The implied lack of hope in the chorus, “You’re gunna tremble,” feels challenged by the cascading melodies played by Andrew Colella on synth. The idea further hints at a metaphor coursing through the tracks directly related to the title of the album. “Tremble” stands tall in the center of the album and truly testifies to the entire album’s spirit.
The closing title tracks each have a parenthetical title, “I Am Like You” for track nine’s “Coldest Weather” and “The Sacred Thief” for track ten’s “Coldest Weather.” Getting lost deep within the sultry, saddened vocals and cinematic percussion makes this debut worthwhile. The majority of each track is comprised of melody and instrumentation. The buzzing trail off at the end of track nine brings track ten’s faster-paced dynamic. These songs leave the listener with a satisfied nostalgia rich in hope for the future. The very nature of The Romans’ debut means more chances to dive deeply into a modern take on the music that helped many in those oh so trying formative years.
Coldest Weather officially releases October 30, 2012, and fans can find more info at


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