CD Review: Yuck — Yuck


Fat Possum

By Ellen E. Eldridge

Seasonal summer colds, the sticky stuff left on your skin after a drive through rush hour traffic in Atlanta, and the band that released its self-titled album, Yuck brings a gross, hanging-over-the-toilet sensation to mind. Yuck won’t send fans rushing to puke, though, and will find satisfied bedfellows among followers of Dinosaur Jr., The Pixies and Sonic Youth with the fuzzed-out, surreal sounding quality to layered music. The sharp guitar solo intro of “Get Away” leads into buried vocals which instantly recall Sonic Youth. Fitting for an act whose label’s motto is “We’re trying our best.” The amateur album cover art appears to be drawn by a pretty disturbed third grader, but the video for the single, “Holing Out,” shows the young band with trippy special effects, patented grunge style power chords, and repetitive vocal harmonies which will speak to any generation that can’t instantly finger the list of influences from the ’90s.

“Suicide Policeman” recalls Radiohead in its early years; the melodies and tambourine backdrop conjure The Beatles. This track is sure to be a favorite among those yielding to a more ’70s approach to songwriting. The lyrics speak to wide audiences and, for a band that just got together in 2009, Yuck promises to offer much to many. Consistent track lengths at about four minutes each give way to the seven minute plus finale, “Rubber.” Its gritty, distorted verses come through inaudibly, lost in layers of growling guitars with splashes of melody poking through. In a far-off sense, “Rubber” reminds of Nirvana, but mostly only in that feeling of trying to alienate fans, which makes them want to know more. Yuck easily pulls off a need-to-know-more vibe and leaves the listener eager for a live show or follow-up release which will undoubtedly come given the fact that the frontman, Daniel Blumberg, is only 20 years old.

The band is currently touring in Europe and will return to the States for SXSW in mid-March. Feel free to stream the entire album by visiting


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