Cirque du Soleil’s Kurios: “Cabinet of Curiosities” Doest Not Disappoint!

Unknown-3Cirque du Soleil’s Kurios: “Cabinet of Curiosities” opened last Thursday, March 3 at Atlantic Station. Ticket Alternative’s own, Amber Lawson, attended the “curious” event and has the following to say about it.

This year’s show is laced with a steampunk-19th century-mad scientist theme that visually creates a world of wonder and fun. From beginning to end I was dazzled by intricate sets and detailed costumes.

Unknown-1Kurios certainly doesn’t fail to impress. I laughed, gasped, and gazed in awe as each set continued to amaze. The gravity-defying aerobatics will leave you on the edge of your seat whether it’s a balancing act hundreds of feet above the stage or an aerialist floating above the audience from her bicycle.  

The dreamlike set bends your sense of reality, much like the the mind boggling contortionists. One set features four women bending and twisting atop a large hand sculpture creating a web of limbs. These four women are the first of many intriguing characters. During the show you will meet a 3-foot-tall woman named Mini Lili, and later a man who can only be described as in touch with his feline senses.

Kurios has something for everyone. Grab your family & friends and prepare for an exciting night under the big top! Kurios will be at Atlantic Station from March 3rd through May 8th, 2016. Get your tickets now!! 


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