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Gringo Star are insouciant explorers, tossing the paddles overboard and drifting on the currents of their lackadaisical curiosity across a rippling sonic ocean, out to the far edges of rock & roll. Shot pulsing from a vintage Leslie speaker, their guitars, keys and vocals pirouette across the astral plane, the psychoactive ingredients of their echo-slathered, doo-wop-indebted indie gems. On Gringo Star’s latest album, Floating Out to See, liquid melodies cascade through air like a waterfall in zero gravity, brothers Nicholas and Peter Furgiuele and cohort Chris Kaufmann out-of-body—floating apparitions of a band glancing down as their corporeal manifestations radiate celestial blues and psychedelic garage bangers, gritty R&B shuffles and spaghetti-Western weirdness. AMG got a chance to learn more about the band from member, Nicholas Furgiuele. We talked memorable shows, musical inspirations, and the dynamics of being in a band with your brother.

AMG: How would you describe your live show for someone who has never seen you in person?

Nick: Usually something like “Uh, ummmm, well, its kinda like, uh, umm, rock-n-roll… I guess”

AMG: Who are your greatest musical inspirations?

Nick: We’ve always been big Sam Cooke fans. Ritchie Valens, Buddy Holly, Serge Gainsbourg, Arthur Alexander, Kinks, and Animals. Bob Dylan. The last few years I got way into Harry Nilsson.

AMG: How do you connect with the audience during your sets?

Nick: We never said we did.

AMG: What are the dynamics like working with a sibling?

Nick: Well, we’re pretty much best friends, and we have been writing and recording together for 20 yrs since elementary school. So we’ve run the gamut of relationship dynamics. Sometimes we shout at each other, other times we whisper. Usually its civil but not always.

AMG: What’s the most memorable show you’ve ever played?

Nick: There have been so many. It’s always hard to narrow it to one. A couple years ago we got to play the Superbowl Village in Indianapolis. That was pretty insanely awesome. It may be the most people we’ve performed in front on. Then also we played once with Dave Davies (of the Kinks) son’s band in London. Dave was there, and I got to have a short chat. he’s written some of my favorite songs so it was really cool to meet him. Touring Europe with Best Coast was rad. We just released a new album at the end of last year, and hooked up with J Roddy Walston and The Business for a West coast tour. Those guys are great folks and that whole trip was a lot of good times. Going way way back, we played The Old Lennys with Sovus Radio and The King Congregation, and that was really something.

AMG: What’s the most memorable show you’ve ever seen?

Nick: One time I saw Kings of Leon at Smith’s Olde Bar. There were like 20 people there. They sounded a little more CCR than nowadays.

AMG: Who are you listening to right now?

Nick: Shantih Shantih. I just heard the test press of their debut 7″. It’s basically amazing. Great harmonies and songs. Pete is recording their debut album in his studio. It’s sounding real real nice. The album is gonna be a powerhouse.

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Doors at 9 p.m. Tickets: 8 p.m. in advance, $10 at the door. Online and phone sales close at 6 p.m. day of show.

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