Decatur Social Club closes it’s doors….

DscDecatur Social Club (DSC) founder, Preston Craig, has made the following announcement:

On June 27th, Decatur Social Club will celebrate its four year anniversary and its last night of existence.

So, basically, for the next three Fridays… we want to celebrate the life of DSC. If you’ve ever been a patron we’d like to see you all… shake hands… do shots… and dance to all the music we’ve ever played over 4 years. Each night will be a musical tour through every era of DSC.

The final event on June 27th, will be a massive blowout with Million$Mano coming in from Chicago and a ton of surprises that will make this DSC one for everyone to remember.

Basically, we’re going to take every retarded stunt we’ve ever pulled… and throw it at you one after another until you can’t take it anymore. This night is going to be so ridiculous, I can’t even sleep when I start thinking about it.

I’ve got a few reasons for shutting it down, but perhaps the most exciting is the new event that will succeed DSC starting July 4th… Eastern Bloc… which will be a massive pub-crawl style event that spans three clubs on Glenwood Ave in East Atlanta with three entirely different styles and DJs every Friday.

Full information will be released shortly.

I started the Decatur Social Club in June of 2004. At the time I was a little burnt out on dance music, and my original intention was to create a night where I could play anything. If people didn’t dance… that was fine. If they did… that was fine too. Our first night I think we had about 50-75 people. I never intended for the night to grow larger than 100-150 people max. I never expected it to be around more than a season.

Four years later, the night has accomplished more than I ever dreamed. We’ve gained recognition in various publications and blogs worldwide. We’ve hosted national and international talent that in some cases were much bigger than the venue. Highlights include the insanity of the chlostrophobic nightmare of Girl Talk in 2006 and the Riot In Belgium performance during our golden summer of 2007. In between, were countless nights where I’d find myself surrounded by an ever growing family completely lost in the moment… sweaty… giddy… arms thrown around each other screaming out the lyrics to a song at 4am with all the lights on.

DSC survived and flourished mainly because of an ever evolving music format and the residents who contributed. Each resident has had an entirely unique and invaluable impact on the Decatur Social Club. I’d like to thank Rene Delefont (2004), Chuck Norton (2005), Brian Parris (Fall/Winter 2005), Jamal (2005/6), Meagatron (2007), and Skooter (2008) for all of their contributions, enthusiasm, and talent.

Equally, if not more, important are the many people who made DSC more like a family than just another night to go out. Over the years, I’ve seen thousands of people come and go. To name all of the individuals who have been (and are still) family would take more brain cells than I have left at this point. I will, however, thank Katie Deedy for being the starting fuel as the social queen of Decatur… and those that have been a near daily part of my life and attend DSC almost religiously. Lindsey Ibarra… my very best friend in the world who I met the second or third week. Robin, Rusty, Tom, Sam, Josh, James, Rob Jones, Kimberly and Scott, Joseph, Jack, Julian, Amy, Emily, Todd, and Ross.

The Decatur Social Club has been one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life and I can’t thank all of you who have been a part of it enough.

Preston Craig
Decatur Social Club


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